Wheel Repair & Replacement

Wheel Repair & Replacement

Accidents happen that can cause damage to the wheels on your vehicle. In most cases MARS can fix most scrapes and scratches on your painted factory or custom wheels repair or refinish your wheels so they look new again.

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Restore your wheels to factory finish

Repairing damage to your wheels

We can remove damage like scratches, pitting, or scuffing from your wheels

Roadtrips can be hard on vehicles, especially your wheels. It can just take getting too close to the curb while parking to damage your wheels. Bring your scratched wheels in for us to survey the damage. Depending on the wheel and the damage, we can repair and paint them so they look new again. If the damage is too far gone, we can get look into a OEM replacement at a fraction of the cost.

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Survey the Damage

All wheels are a little different as well as the damage. We recommend letting our wheel experts survey the damage.

Resurface, Prime, and Paint

After cleaning your wheels, we will resurface your wheels to repair the surface face and lip. We apply a primer, paint, and clear-coat according to the original color and style.

Custom Wheel Paint Options

We have the ability to color match your OEM factory or custom wheels to help get your wheels restored to factory finish.