Truck Bed Storage

Truck Bed Storage

Puget Sound MARS has the most versatile Truck Bed storage options from the most popular brands. We have several models for both covered and uncovered pickups that fit your truck bed dimensions.

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Protect Your Tools & Your Gear

Decked Truck Bed Storage

Toughest, Most Durable, Secure and Weatherproof Truck Bed Storage System

After over 20 years of battling, band-aiding and otherwise fussing with homemade drawer systems made of plywood the Decked team came to the conclusion that there has to be a better way. In 2013, after nearly three years of design, and engineering, DECKED was born.

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Get Organized

Get rid of the random tubs and bins, get the jumper cables out from under the back seat, stop shoving the duct tape from where it rolled. End the junk show with segmented storage.

2,000lb Payload

Your truck ain't a man purse. It hauls heavy stuff like cement, plywood, ATV/Moto's, your mother-in-law's new freezer. You can stack 2000 lbs of big stuff on top of the deck and still have access to smooth rolling storage.

Weatherproof & Secure

Anything falling from the sky can't get into your drawers. Period. They're not Tupperware-tight, airborne particulate like dust or mist can make its way into the drawers.